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Learn NC - Hot Topics for Fourth Grade

Fact Monster - online almanac, dictionaary, encyclopedia, and homework help - online encyclopedia

First Gov for Kids - links to hundreds of government websites especially for kids

Study Island

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Language Arts

Legends and Folklore
Stories for Beginners
Stories for Intermediates
Scholastic's Myths, Folktales, and Legends

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries

Social Studies

Current Events
Time for Kids (click on "news")
Kid's Newsroom

Government - NC & Local
.NC Government - Secretary of State Kid's Page
NC Government - Federal Congressional Reps
How an Idea Becomes a State Law
North Carolina Counties
Counties of North Carolina
County Quick Facts

Native Americans
Cherokee Indians
The Many Uses of Deer by Native Americans

North Carolina Symbols
North Carolina Symbols - NC Secretary of State Kids Page
North Carolina Encyclopedia - State Symbols
North Carolina State Symbols & Emblems

North Carolina Legends
NC Legends and Ghost Stories
The Brown Mountain Lights Mystery & Legend

NC Lighthouses
North Carolina Encyclopedia
North Carolina's Historical People & Places
Carolina Clips - pictures & info about NC

North Carolina General Resources
Links to lots of NC web sites - from NC Wise Owl
North Carolina Encyclopedia

Carolina Clips - pictures & info about NC
Visit North Carolina
North Carolina Kids' Page
Biltmore House

North Carolina - Famous People
Famous North Carolinians
North Carolina Encyclopedia - People

List of Famous North Carolinians
William Blount
Curtis Brown
James Buchanan Duke
Richard Gatling
Leonard Buck
Marion Jones
Roberta Flack
Dolley Madison
Virginia Dare

North Carolina - Agriculture
AG's Cool - Goodness Grows in NC
Wheat Foods Council
The Peanut Institute
Mt. Olive Pickle Company
Science of Cooking: Pickles

The Legend of Captain Dave's Lost Treasure
Blackbeard Lives
Blackbeard the Pirate
Blackbeard the Pirate - NC Maritime Museum

Lost Colony
The Lost Colony
The Lost Colony - Roanoke Island
The Search for the Lost Colony
First English Settlement in the New World
The Lost Colony - America's Beginning
Tales from the Coast - The Lost Colony
The Lost Colony - A Local Legacy
Lost Colony - Lumbee Indians Have Answer
Drought May Have Doomed the Lost Colony
The Lost Colony of North Carolina - Theories
How Do You Lose a Colony
Kid Info on The Lost Colony
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
National Geographic Lost Colony
CSI Roanoake

The Lost Eric Hause
The Lost Colony Coastal Guide
Search for the Lost Colony

Web Activities

North Carolina Web Activity by Ms. Balsamo
Using Area and Perimeter to Design a Fun House: WebQuest


More Subjects


Animal Facts - from World Almanac
Ringling Brothers Circus - Amazing Animals
Switcheroo Zoo - learn about animals and morph them, too!
MBG Habitats
National Geographic Animals
National Geographic Kids
Animal Planet
Animal Diversity
Animal Database
Kid Sites: list of sites for Kids
Blue Planet

Electricity and Magnetism
Foss Science - Magnetism and Electricity Module
Theater of Electricity
Magnets and Springs Science Clip

Rocks & Minerals
A Wonderful World of Minerals
Rock Hounds - Become a Rock Expert!
Rock Hounds - How Rocks Are Formed
Rock Hounds - Digging for Words Search Puzzle
Rock Hounds - Rock Hound Layers Jigsaw Puzzle

Rocks for Kids
Surfing the Net for Kids - Rocks & Minerals
Rocks and Minerals Internet Hunt
Rocks and Soil Science Clip

Simple Machines/Inventions
Official Rube Goldberg Web Site

Foss Web - Levers and Pulleys
Cluncky Cogs - gears
Pick the Bits - levers
Balance the Frogs - levers
Spotlight on Simple Machines
Simple Machines Made Simpler
Lasers: From Science Fiction to Everyday Life

Science - General
Cool Science for Curious Kids - great site w/ student activities on magnetism/electricity, sound, landforms, levers & pulleys, etc...

Carolina Christmas

Coastal Plain
Tryon Palace
Edenton, NC

Celebrate the Return of the Swan
Hyde County

NC Holiday Flotilla
Wilmington Annual Celebrations
Wrightsville Beach Flotilla
Swansboro Flotilla

Old Salem
Old Salem Events
McAdenville, NC (Christmas Town, USA)
Duke Chapel
Chinqua-Penn Plantation
Moravian Christmas

Biltmore House
Dicken's Festival at the Biltmore
Connemara (Carl Sandburg's Home)
Ashe County Frescoes
Ashe County Frescoes 2
North Carolina's Freshest
Plants and the Holidays
Dillsboro: Lights and Luminaries
Poinsettia Farm
Great Smokey Mountain Railroad
Smith-McDowell House Museum

Information Literacy Websites
Introducing the Big Six
"Citation Machine"

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